Saturday, 27 May 2017

[BLKR004] DJ QT - The Bee Project. EP [Available Now From All B-Lick Records Digital Stores!!!]

1/ If You The Guts.
2/ It's Like Dat Yo.
3/ Way Back.
4/ One Nation.

B-Lick Records are back once again with a massive four track collection of dancefloor orientated drum & bass from label founder DJ QT, who unleashes 'The Bee Project. EP' on the ears of all D&B headz out there.

The action comes in quick and fast with the rip-roaring 'If You The Guts'. A slick roller steeped in classic jump-up jungle flavas, packed full of soulful saxophone riffs and a vintage movie fight samples. and an elastic bassline straight outta '96. 
Up next 'It's Like Dat Yo' follows a similar path to it's predecessor what with it's use of crisp, stepping breaks, dubwise melodies and feelgood rap vocals to create a pure-bred, no cheese jump-up anthem.

'Way Back' introduces an exhilarating hip-hop-meets-jungle fusion of reversed, dread bass notes, rugged, 2-step breaks, retrospective vocal samples and moody funk licks before the EP is then brought to an impeccable close by the dub infused 'One Nation'. Which expertly combines a melting pot of subsonic bass pulses and Rastafari chants over a 170 bpm breakbeat to devastating.

For his latest excursion into into serious jump-up drum & bass territory, DJ QT  once again proves that he is the master of composing dancefloor friendly, yet perfectly crafted nuskool jungle anthems. If you need something to get people moving, then you'll find exactly what you need here!!!

DJ QT's 'The Bee Project. EP' single is available to download now from all good B-Lick Records digital stores!!!!


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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Kambo Records Label Artist / Designer Wanted!!!

Kambo Records has been riding the crest of the wave of the nuskool jungle techno revolution by championing the very cream of the underground hardcore jungle scene. 

With an exemplary artist roster featuring contemporary jungle techno pioneers including Manarchy, Spaceface, Master Mash, Yell-O-Phase and The Wize Guys

The label has already garnered praise from the legendary Ron Wells, better known as Jack Smooth founder of the original jungle techno labels Smooth Recordings and Sound Entity Recordings. and producer behind the
sound of numerous Basement Records classics.

Due to increased support Kambo Records are looking for an artist / designer who is able

to produce eye-catching and unique designs for the label's  releases. 

If you feel that your artistic style would compliment the labels future thinking outlook, then get in touch via PM on the official Kambo Records Facebook page!!!

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GL0WKiD pres. Generation X [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio (23 MAY 2017)


Liquid - Everything's Going To Be Alright [2017, MUSIC MONDAYS]

Oneplayz Ft. Kiesza - Hideaway (Breaks Remix) [2017, bootleg]
United States Beat Squad - Rewinds Vol. 4 [2017, free download]
Base Club - Dancin' Together [2006, TORNADO RECORDS]
Ant To Be - Nobody Likes Me [Forthcoming, KNITEBREED]
Beats are Broken - Acid Overload [2017, Unreleased]
DJ Jedi VS Cru-L-T - Bring The Beat Back (Cru-l-t Remix) [Forthcoming, KNITEBREED]
Amiga Breaks - Raving Days [2016, DARK TIL DAWN RECORDS]
Demcore - Summer (The Timespan Remix) [2017, KNITEFORCE RECORDS]
Clayfighter - Intergalactic (Luna-C Remix) [2017, KFA]
DJ Luna-C - Free As The Sky (Hyper On Experience Remix) [2017, KNITEFORCE RECORDS]
Oneplayz - Velocity [unreleased]
Pursuit - Let's Do It Now [2016, self release]
Yudaidhun - That Style [2017, RAVESKOOL RECORDINGS]
Coco Bryce - Love Flows [2016, MYOR MASSIV]
The Prodigy - Your Love (NQ2 remix) [2016, free download]
PZG & Dubsknit - My Love [2017, COCK ROCK DISCO]
Neap Tide - Rave Jam [2017, RAVENOYZ RECORDINGS]
Dave Skywalker - Send for Ali [2016, OFF ME NUT]
FFF - War is in The Dance (Remix By Apzolut) [2011, MURDER CHANNEL]
Evade - Hodgepodge Flavour [2017, LONG LIVE THE ANIMALS]
Marusha – Raveland (Paul Elstak Remix) [1994, LOW SPIRIT RECORDINGS]
Dune - Up! [1995, URBAN]
Detonator - Set Me Free [2017, self release]
Luffy & Mio - Flip Flappers [2017, free download]
Luffy & Mio - The Roller [2017, free download]
Trigger Happy Side 1 [2017, TRIGGER HAPPY]
DJ Rave In Peace - Dream2ME [2017, RAVESTOMP RECORDINGS]
Dougal & Gammer - Fuck That Shit (TripleXL UK Makina Remix) [2013, free download]
Dolphin - You Know [2017, free download]
Liquid - Sweet Harmony (Jekyll's SGFest Edit) [2016, free download]
xyce - bass aller [2016, CHEAPBEATS]
Graz - Ravepunk [2016, CHEAPBEATS]
Schnez - Bad Boy Flow [2017, LONG LIVE THE ANIMALS]
Westbam - Celebration Generation [1993, LOW SPIRIT RECORDINGS]
DJ Luna-C - Piano Progression (Scott Brown Remix) [2016, KNITEFORCE RECORDS]
Scott Brown - Winkel Wagen [2016, MOB SQUAD TOKYO]



Kniteforce Radio Coming Soon....

Kniteforce Records and its manager Luna-C proving one more time how hungry are getting day by day offering new music, signing new artists either Oldskool or Nuskool blood and now setting up a KF radio station.

Definetely these are great new to share and spread all around the Hardcore community!

Sunday, 21 May 2017

META051:: SCAR - The Wrong Side (4track 12" + 2 BAD MICE Remix - PRE-ORDER NOW)

A1. The Wrong Side (feat. Naomi Pryor)
A2. Make Em Know 
B1. The Wrong Side (2 Bad Mice Remix) 
B2. Beside Me (feat. Ben Hadwen & Eleanor Higgins)

London's duet of Survival and Script better known in public as SCAR, return to the living legendary METALHEADZ offering one more class release alongside a fresh and warehouse inspired remix by the groundbreaking Oldskool act 2 BAD MICE. And that is their first remix after many years, following their big return from last November's "Gone Too Soon EP".

So, METALHEADZ new installment is titled "The Wrong Side" and consists of 3 new tunes by SCAR plus 2 BAD MICE remixing on a Jungle Breaks tip the self titled track.
Worth giving some attention to the wonderful vocalists featured inside like Naomi Pryor, Eleanor Higgins as well as Ben Hadwen contribution on "Beside Me" with his saxophone & flute essential bits.

"The Wrong Side" 12" is available to pre-order now on Metalheadz official store and can be also found in all around other major stores too.




Wednesday, 17 May 2017

MARSH SOUND - Neural Interface (6track mini LP)

artwork by Mike Lightcap

New Jersey based electronic producer MARSH SOUND has been putting us on a serious quest and nostalgia with his latest personal work, which features 4 original tracks from him plus 2 remixes by other two US producers, Trukey and Lil Merica.
"Neural Interface" is the title of this mini LP including Jungle Breaks, Footwork, Juke and Bass rhythms as well as classic video game samples. Worth giving a listen to this pretty mental experiment by MARSH SOUND.



Tuesday, 16 May 2017

V.A. - Ruff N Rugged Vol.1 [YESKA Beatz Unltd]

01. Mizeyesis - Soundbwoy Haze
02. Meanstreak - Killin 
03. Ed808 x 6Blocc - Migraine 
04. Jonny 5 - Monkshood 
05. Rez - Deadly Accuracy 
06. BC Rydah - Cosmos 
07. Xian Juan - Ruff Times
08. Torrential x Slav - Groovin

US based label of YESKA Beatz Unlimited presents its brand new compilation, mini-album including various producers from the US dream team of Junglists. A great proof how guys like Rez, Jonny 5, Mizeyesis, Xian Juan, Ed808, 6Blocc, Meanstreak, Torrential, Slav and BC Rydah of course keeping the flag up and the flame alive!


YESKA Beatz Unltd