Monday, 19 March 2018

Shadow Sessions 001 - The Midnight Drive - Drum 'n' Bass Mixed By Sparki Dee

1/ Gang Related & Mask - Ready Or Not (Evade Remix).
2/ 2Pac -Happy Home (Miss Guided Remix).
3/ Galvatron - Warning (Jungle Wars 2018).
4/ DJ Monk - Hold Me (DJ Hybrid Rollers Mix).
5/ Nectax - Block Rockin Roller.
6/ Silent Storm - Try That Again.
7/ Nymfo Coppa & Zero Zero - Brainwashed.
8/ Martyn Nytram - Shotgun.
9/ Stream - Shipwrecked,
10/ Tzone - Dub Harmonics.
11/ Paul Cronin - Ya Dont Test.
12/ D Mayjah - Dreadlock Sound (Devastate's Gritty Remix).
13/ Spectator - Clockwork.
14/ Lurch & Emerge MC - Energy Is Paramount (Scott Allen Remix).
15/ The Streets - The Escapist (DJ Limited Liquid Mix).
16/ Promenade - Lonely.
17/ Mage - Close To Me.

Looking to shine a light on the very best in unsigned and under-the-radar, underground music, the Shadow Sessions project unveils it's debut showcase, 'Shadow Sessions 001 - The Midnight Drive - Drum 'n' Bass' mixed by the one and only Sparki Dee. Featuring an hours worth of the freshest tunes that drum & bass has to offer, ranging from soulful and smooth liquid numbers to ruffneck, jump-up jungle bombs from a whole host of the scene's freshest talent. 

If you love your D&B, then let Sparki Dee take you on a journey with 'Shadow Sessions 001'!!!

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Thursday, 15 March 2018

[SSV2] DJ Junk ‎- Spandangle Selection Volume 2 [4-Track 12" EP Available To Buy Now!!!]

A1 - George (Amen Mix).
A2 - Do It Do It Remix.
B1 - Babylon.
B2 - 45 King.

The inimitable John Issacs, more commonly known as DJ Junk, has been a legendary name from the Golden era of breakbeat hardcore through to early nineties jungle and drum & bass, as well as his forays into the realms of UK hip-hop, turntablism and breaks. Now it is time for DJ Junk to dust off the unreleased D.A.T.'s and dubplates for another exclusive 12" vinyl only release with 'Spandangle Selection Volume 2' available to purchase now!!! 

The EP kicks off with the deep and atmospheric, 1996 roller 'George (Amen Mix)', a track which previously was only ever handed out to a select few DJ's on dubplate, most notably LTJ Bukem. Up next 1992's, Mental Cube 'Q' sampling anthem 'Do It Do It' receives a long overdue remix, which was initially started 24 years ago and remained unfinished until Junk recently revisited and completed it last year. 

On the flipside we are introduced to two early nineties hardcore and jungle gems from 1993-1994, with the heavily filtered, amen break driven darkside beast 'Babylon' setting a positively menacing tone. '45 King' closes the collection with a heady blend of hard-stepping Funky Mule breaks, introspective pads, jazzy chimes and yearning female vocals.

The Spandangle Selection label has consistently followed it's mission to uncover lost gems from the hardcore/jungle drum & bass scene's unsung heroes, and this latest showcase proves to be equally as essential for any lover of all things oldskool.

The DJ Junk 'Spandangle Selection Volume 2' EP is available to purchase now from the official Spandangle Selection webstore for £9.99 plus postage & packaging. So don't miss this opportunity to get your hands on some exclusive, unreleased Golden Era jungle!!!

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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

[DOPELP001] Acid Lab - A Matter Of Time [Digital Album + 12" 4-Track Vinyl LP Sampler Available To Pre-Order Now!!!]

1/ A Matter Of Time.
2/ Containment.
3/ Paradoxical (feat. Slider, Expose & Anastasia).
4/ In Control.
5/ Into The Void.
6/ Silver Alloy (feat. Soul Intent).
7/ Old Memories.
8/ Revealation.
9/ Follow The Dots.
10/ Razor Blade.

12" Vinyl LP Sampler:
A1 - Silver Alloy (feat. Soul Intent).
A2 - Paradoxical (feat. Slider, Expose & Anastasia)
B1 - Into The Void.
B2 - Revelation.

Lossless Music's offshoot label, Dope Plates has spearheaded the movement for deep, oldskool themed, yet firmly dancefloor orientated drum & bass since it's conception in 2016. After five essential vinyl singles featuring the cream of the D&B scene, including label boss Soul Intent, Sicknote, Chromatic, Scape, Mark Cloud and the (suspiciously pseudonymous) Pepsi Slammer. Frequent contributor Acid Lab steps into the spotlight to give us a taster of his forthcoming 'A Matter Of Time' album with the release of the it's heavyweight, 12" vinyl 'LP Sampler'.

Acid Lab joins forces with Soul Intent  on 'Silver Alloy', a track which instantly rewinds you back to the Golden Era of drum & bass with it's excellent fusion of soothing pads, crisp breaks and gargantuan bass notes interspersed with razor sharp mentasm flashes. Up next we are introduced to 'Paradoxical', which features contributions from Slider, Expose and Anastasia, and takes us on a soulful, yet hardstepping D&B journey complete with soothing female vocals, lush saxophone flourishes and heavyweight breaks.

Opening up the flipside, 'Into The Void' captures the very essence of Blue Note era, deep tech-step vibes with it's potent blend of sc-fi pads and drones, deep kickdrum pulses and tension filled, rapid-fire snare patterns. To conclude the collection, 'Revelation' layers lush, atmospheric synth washes over rolling amen breaks and an undulation bassline perfectly assimilating the classic, mid-nineties, intelligent jungle sounds whilst giving them a 2018 makeover.

Just from taking what this sampler has to offer, it becomes clear that the Dope Plates label has struck gold once more with Acid Lab's forthcoming magnum opus, so if you call yourself a drum & bass vinyl enthusiast, then this release will become a 'must have' for your collection!

Acid Lab 'A Matter Of Time' LP is available to pre-order as a digital download and 4-track 12" vinyl, LP Sampler for £16 (plus P&P). As a digital download on it's own for  £9, or vinyl only for £10 (plus P&P).

The album drops on 01/04/18, so get in there quick in order to take up this offer!!!

For A taster of the Acid Lab 'A Matter Of Time LP Sampler' 12" vinyl, check out the Lossless Music Soundcloud link here...

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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

BREED19:: Ant To Be – Adventures Of Soundbwoy EP [12″ Limited Vinyl - KNITEBREED RECORDS]

A1/ Rush’n’Spin
A2/ Adventured Of Soundbwoy 
B1/ Got That Swing 
B2/ Woozy Tune 

Russian badboy, established member of Kniteforce family on radio and on label, ANT TO BE, returns with a brand new personal work on Knitebreed Records. And this one here sounds far way more vivid than his debut one on the same KF sub-label.
All along, Alex is a proud and loyal member of the nuskool Hardcore clan and in case you're wondering, this new EP is the absolute Hardcore weapon of this month. It's anything you searching for. From pianos to breakbeats and rushing rhythms and highlight "Rush 'n' Spin'' going bananas as the title points out.

All in all the BREED19 scores on a high level from the first second you put the needle. Spasibo Alex for this new dish of attraction. Fair enough stuck & released via Kniteforce.

Additional info as ever:

1) All the music on the EP is proper traditional old skool hardcore!

2) With the vinyl you will receive an 'Breed' sheet (like with the Kniteforce releases) which will contain a link to the digital versions of these 4 tracks in 24Bit Wav and / or 320 MP3 formats.

3) As with the Kniteforce releases, the Breed sheet is collectable - if you collect 10 of them, something good will happen!




20 years WODB & Formation Records 200 LP Release (USA & Canada 2018 Tour)

It’s been 20 years of World of Drum & Bass alongside Formation Records dropping its 200th LP release! This is massive for the tour, those involved, the label and it’s fans! So far the tour launched with a sold-out show in Montreal, working its way around Canada, it heads straight for Texas, New York, Florida, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, then zipping back up to Canada into Oregon, Arizona, California and ending the tour in Nevada. If you are anywhere near these areas we suggest you check out the dates below!

You can follow World of Drum & Bass on Facebook or click here to see the list of event dates and where to purchase tickets.

On the 21st and 22nd of March, Andromeda will be attending both WODB events and representing Strictly Nuskool for Miami Music Week also known as Winter Music Conference. WODB has been a huge event over the last 20 years for South Florida junglists during the last two weeks of March.This year WODB and Formation Records have teamed up with local crew's Beatcamp, United D&B, and Torque D&B once again to showcase the likes of DJ SS, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, The Prototypes, and a Special Guest that is going to make this tour one not to miss! Keep an eye out for a forthcoming exclusive interview by Andromeda with DJ SS here on Strictly Nuskool Blog. 

Sunday, 11 March 2018

[VMRDT106] UZI - Jungle Punishment EP [Viral-Mental Records Juno Download Exclusive!!!]

1/ Jungle Punishment. 
2/ Bingo.
3/ Hanging Out.
4/ The Jungle Demon.

UZI makes his triumphant return to Viral-Mental Records with the release of the 'Jungle Punishment EP', featuring four monolithic rugged jungle tracks, destined to set the dancefloor alight.

The collection kicks off with the moody, jazz-tinged stepper, 'Jungle Punishment'. A potent blend of soothing Rhodes keys, skeletal breaks and booming subsonic blasts that'll get headz a nodding. 'Bingo' opens to the junglist call-to-arms sound of dub horn blasts, and pairs them with crisp, minimal beats and a cavernous bassline.  

UZI then takes us on a trip back to 1992 with the rave flavoured drum & bass meets breakbeat hardcore themed 'Hanging Out', which expertly combines 2018 bass throbs with oldskool breaks and stabs. 'The Junge Demon' closes the EP in a tear-out fashion with it's combination of rolling amens, vintage film dialogue and monstrous deep frequency bass growls set to rattle your ribcage.

The 'Jungle Punishment EP' proves that 27 years from it's conception, jungle is still a force to be reckoned with. If you are seeking fresh, digital-age jungle sounds for your collection then you need look no further than this! 

UZI's 'Jungle Punishment EP' is available to purchase now exclusively from Juno Download...

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Saturday, 10 March 2018


02. CREEPER WEED (exclusive album mix)
04. NON STOP (yes)

UK Nu-Rave ambassador and tune machine by the name DJ PURSUIT, returns with one more release of pride, joy and devotion to the music movement he represents and loves so much and by all means.
After a good run of CD albums, our good friend Chris is back with a mini-album titled 'RAVEAGEDDON' comprised of 6 ultimate slams which are provided unmixed & no digital at all... Yes! It's a fact! The Rave Armageddon strikes in the year 2018!

Favourite tracks from there are 'Non Stop (yes)' and 'Creeper Weed (exclusive album mix)' which are both a major serious hardcore punch in your face by their hot breakbeats of aggression that offer an uptempo sense. Of course we can't avoid to mention a few additional monstrous tunes like 'The Happy Plod' or 'Bam-Ba-Ding' which are both an ode to that Hardcore Techno and Hardcore Rave illecit air, breathing during 90's.

In overall this mini-album is more than indispendable for two reasons. First reason is simply, Chris himself and the whole substance of his music identity and second one is the evolution and the next step of Hardcore, which goes higher day-by-day. The CD price is by £5.00 by a limited run and the first 25 copies come with a new free logo label sticker.