Monday, 24 April 2017


UK based Radio host, Nu-Rave addict and Hardcore Breaks lover, DJ Bassraver has signed his first output on Ravestomp Recordings, label run by Paul Cronin, who turns up to be a multi-nu-rave machine keeping a hard working double role in producing and label managing.
DJ Bass Raver delivers a 170 bpm happy hardcore gem of rushing pianos and oldskool vox of joy!
"Mind Killer" is out now on digital format and deserves your true love, for sure!





Sunday, 23 April 2017

[VMRDT089] Dredillah - Combat Ready [Available From All Good Viral-Mental Records Digital Stockists Now!!!]

1/ Combat Ready.
2/ The Rift.
3/ SkorpZ - Killa Cops (Dredillah Remix).

Dredillah gets himself locked and loaded for his return to Viral-Mental Records with three heavyweight militant drum & bass cuts with the release of the 'Combat Ready' EP.

We are first introduced to the neurofunk manoeuvres of 'Combat Ready', a relentless 2-step break driven track composed of stirring synth notes and twisted bass riffs accented with razor-sharp mentasm snarls. 'Combat Ready' conjures up images of a battle scarred war veteran who has "seen too much"!!!

'The Rift' up next gives a huge nod to the late nineties, stripped back techstep sound with it's fusion of undulating techno keys, crisp breaks and gnarly, screeching bass growls. To conclude the EP, Dredillah takes on 'Killa Cops' , by Viral-Mental's SkorpZ to deliver a fierce, dancefloor orientated jungle relick complete with reggae horns and a bassline that'd make the ole Urban Takeover crew jealous.

Whether you're taste in D&B is cold and clinical neuro textures or head nodding, junglistic belters, Dredillah's got all bases covered!!!

Dredillah's 'Combat Ready' EP is available to purchase from all good Viral-Mental Records digital stockists now!!!



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WIFE01:: Rognvald R​.​O​.​G​.​N​.​V​.​A​.​L​.​D [Out on 8th May - PRE-ORDER now the 12" & Digital on LOVE LOVE RECORDS]

A1 - R.O.G.N.V.A.L.D
A2 - Whistle Posse
B1 - Lowcol Junglist
B2 - Asbiorn

L.A. based producer, Richard Wilson is totally reborn this period, thus presenting his brand new work under his Rognvald moniker. Most of you remember him from his Beatwife releases on labels like Recruit Records, Hyperboloid, Ideation and Love Love Records with his final and very brilliant work  "Ranch Road 10400" released last summer.
Since then and during 2017, IDM/Braindance/Acid genious Rognvald has been into progress of new stuff and one more release over Love Love Records wouldn't be bad to lauch his own era.

The hard working crew of Love Love Records is back presenting its fresh installment with four intelligent & insane smashers by Rognvald, showcasing proudly his new direction on 4 heavyweight tunes kinda Bang to the face and raving like mad.
Spacey Jungle from another dimension to another dimension served by Rognvald on four new tunes, available to pre-order now on 12" and digital. Coming out officially on 8th May 2017


Saturday, 22 April 2017

[BHM065] Dirty Freud - Dirty Deeds EP [Available To Download Now From Bad Habit Muzik Digital Stores!!!]

1/ Orchid Street.
2/ Cromwell's Wallet.
3/ Iron Horses (featuring Poppy Holiday).

The inimitable Dirty Freud returns with his unique spin on the breakbeat flavoured UK Garage and Drum & Bass formats with the release of his brand new 'Dirty Deeds EP' on the Bad Habit Muzik label. 

We are first introduced the soulful, two-step shuffle of 'Orchard Street', a crisp slice of funk-fuelled garage, garnished with stirring, female vocals and cavernous bass throbs. 'Orchard Street' is a track which perfectly balances deep and dancefloor friendly elements in order to satisfy the mind, body and soul. 

Up next, 'Cromwell's Wallet' takes us on a moody, instrumental breakbeat tip with it's fusion of crisp stepping beats and exhilarating, soaring strings.

The tempo kick up a few notches on the rolling, D&B track 'Iron Horses', which drops a succession of relentless breaks coupled with an earth-shaking bassline and haunting vocals courtesy of Poppy Holiday.

Dirty Freud's music has already gained exposure on the likes of BBC Introducing, so if you have yet to discover his distinct style then now's the perfect time to get hooked!!!

Dirty Freud's 'Dirty Deeds EP' is available to download now from the following Bad Habit Digital stores...




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2 Bad Mice Live DJ set at BFLF Grinagog Festival (8th April 2017)

The almighty 'Best Family' Event winner and hungry for family raves, UK based Big Fish Little Fish, has uploaded the live recording of Si 2 Bad Mice dj set as played out over Grinagog Festival in Torquay on 8th 2017. A class rave bass DJ Set from one of the leading members of the legendary act, who have returned since last November with their big 4track release titled "Gone Too Soon", out on Sneaker Social Club.







Thursday, 20 April 2017

GL0WKiD pres. Generation X [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio (18ARP.2017)


Jack Light - Still Speeding
Faction G - Ya Names Not Down (The Bouncer) (Maximus Baxter Refix Dub)[SLAUGHTERHOUSE RYDIMS]
Flash Cats - Noid [PROPAGANDA MUSIC]
United States Beat Squad - Euphoria (VIP remix)
Retropolis - The Only One [Forthcoming on OCTOTRAX]
Nefti feat. Sheila - Cover Me (VIP Mix) [INTENSIVE RECORDINGS]
Motivbreaks - The Light (Nefti remix) [VIM RECORDS]
Austin, Vinyl Junkie feat. Rachel Wallace - Can't Go Back (Sanxion Remix)[WAREHOUSE WAX]
Adam F - When the Rain Is Gone [3BEAT]
Rusko - Somebody To Love (Skream's 24 Hr Special Delivery Remix)
Heapy - Feel The Rhythm
Demonbitch - 4D
Graz - Rave Tool 74
Beats are Broken - Love's So High
Cru-l-t - Snow In Summer (Alex Jungle Remix) [Forthcoming on KNITEFORCE RECORDS]
Nicky Allen - Power To The People (CRIP Remix)
Untitled - Untitled
Gentleman Bastard - Dance Dance [RAVENOYZ RECORDINGS]
dJ fLow - In The Air [Forthcoming on OSRT RECORDINGS]
Pressure - Lilioum (remix) [Forthcoming on RAVENOYZ RECORDINGZ]
Mokujin - Rude Boy Tings [DRED COLLECTIVE]
FFF - Badman Touchdown [CRITERION RECORDS]
Coco Bryce - JBB [7th STOREY PROJECTS]
Qbass - Funky Hardcore (DJ Hype Remix) [SUBURBAN BASE]
Space Cube - Session (TNO Slammin' Remix)
DJ Brisk - Make it Rough (TenTun Remix)
Marusha – Secret (Jimmy J & Cru-L-T Mix) [LOW SPIRIT RECORDINGS]
Langham - Somebody Scream [RAVESKOOL RECORDINGS]
Gamma909 - Happy
goreshit - like it was


Wednesday, 19 April 2017

[JUNW 004] Various Artists - Dark Force Rising [10-Track Album From Jungle Warfare Recordings Available To Purchase Now!!!]

1/ Abstract Illusion - Drums Of Bane.
2/ Abstract Illusion - Rock Darth-Unky Beats.
3/ Rez - Strangers.
4/ Rez - Esoteric Funk.
5/ BattleDrone - Lost Transmission.
6/ BattleDrone - Obliterate.
7/ MAC-V - Space And Time.
8/ MAC-V - Napalm You Tonight.
9/ D.K. Ritual - Obliterate.
10/ D.K. Ritual feat. S.KID - John. 

The Jungle Warfare Recordings label may only be one year into it's inception, but for their fourth outing, they are pulling out all the stops with the release of the 'Dark Force Rising' album destined to do some serious speaker damage. Featuring a stellar line-up of the most ruffneck, underground jungle and drum & bass artists this ten track collection will be an essential buy for all headz out there.

The album kicks off with Abstract Illusion who drops a double dose of percussion heavy, junglism with the heavyweight, break-fest that is 'Drums Of Bane' and 'Rock Darth-Unky Beats', a tearing fusion of expertly sliced amens, warped bass and classic, Chuck D vox.

Up next Rez takes things back to the oldskool with the dark, sci-fi inspired 'Strangers', which combines rolling jungle breaks with menacing rave stabs, whilst 'Esoteric Funk' evokes the spirit of late nineties drumfunk, as exemplified by the likes of labels such as Reinforced Records.

BattleDrone takes to the stage next with 'Lost Transmission', a track which could easily be mistaken as a lost dubplate from a Grooverider mixtape, circa 1996. On 'Obliterate', BattleDrone offers his his own unique take on the mutated bassline, techstep formula.

On 'Space And Time' by MAC-V, the listener is taken into a desolate, jungle soundscape with it's use of sweeping pads overlaid with rugged breaks, while 'Napalm You Tonight' follows a more traditional, jungle route with it's crashing breaks and punishing bassline. 

D.K.Ritual brings the album to a close with his deep, yet razor-sharp, amen break workout, 'Amnesia' alongside production partner S.Kid, before going solo on the hauntingly, sinister Reese bass driven roller, 'John'.

If your musical passion stems from the rough and rugged sounds of of mid-nineties, jungle pirate radio stations and murky drum & bass events, then the 'Dark Force Rising' will tick all boxes for you. A must have purchase!!! 

The 'Dark Force Rising' album is available to download from the following Jungle Warfare Recordings digital stockists and streaming sites...



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